Week of 2 January

The highlights from the first week of January included meeting up with Sue and having coffee and a lovely coffee and walnut cake at the Aston Pottery near Bampton in Oxfordshire. Can’t wait to go back in the summer!

I was so taken by the Christmas tree there that I forgot to photograph our cakes!  The tree had stalks of orchids (plastic) hanging and large baubles in shades of pink. Stunning!

wp_20170103_001       wp_20170107_002

I also met up with the Aqua ladies: Paula, Anne-Marie, Christine, Margie, Marilyn and Lorna.  The Pineapple Palace had a scrumptious vanilla and  caramel cake! Yum!      wp_20170107_004

wp_20170105_004But on 5th January Mum was 80!  yet she didn’t want to celebrate it so we celebrated my birthday on her birth day.  We went to the Tea Cosy in  Hurstbourne Tarrant and had their Terry’s chocolate fudge cake.  And they kindly put a candle in it for her!2017-02-04-2


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