Week of 16 January

We were in Malta this week.  I love the island – the architecture, the quaintness, the ease you can get around, the sea views….  We stayed at Sliema at Hotel Fortina and had a room with a sea view and its own ‘conservatory’.  We pulled back the curtains and there was floor to ceiling glass and 2 rattan chairs.  We had a great view over Valetta.  It was colder than normal for the time of year;  Greece and Italy had snow and the cold weather had reached Malta too. We used the buses to get around and walked a lot including some lovely walks along the coast.

So, coming to the cake eating: at dinner one night I selected the radio active cake!! It was green and very shiny – they must have used a lot of syrup glaze!

Then we ate at a Thai restaurant and had carrot cake!  But my favourite place was Caffé Cordina in Valetta.  I had a Rainbow Cake:  layers of cake covered with white chocolate cream (looked better than it tasted) and Jeremy had a Chocolate Devine: layers of biscuit soaked in coffee liqueur and covered with ganache!

Back home, we did a 6 mile walk on a cold but sunny afternoon starting and finishing at the Discovery Centre in Thatcham.  The lake was frozen over with a few patches of water for the birds to swim  in.  It was striking as the sun set.  We made it before the café closed and shared a piece of homemade Victoria sponge with a jam filling. Always a good choice….

Also this week we said goodbye to Paul Cowen our vicar at St George’s Wash Common who is to be the Chaplain to the Bishop of Oxford.  80 people had afternoon tea in the church hall;  the spread of home made cakes was incredible!  The room was decorated in red and yellow as a nod to Paul’s favourite football team – Watford.


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