Week of 20 February

I feel really well.  Just like the old days.  There is an element of disbelief that I even have stage 4 cancer, but then I didn’t know I was going through stages 1, 2 and 3 either.  wp_20170223_001

I feel lucky which is odd to say and Penny and I laughed about it when we met for coffee at the Flower Pot where we had lush Carrot and Courgette cake with soy butter topping.  And we laughed about how I qualify for a Motability car.  So I get my lapis blue mini cooper seven on 13 March.

I went to a workshop organised by Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation and we discussed stress management, sleeping problems and fatigue – none of which I suffer from and perhaps in hindsight I didn’t need to be there.  But hearing from the others (none of which had a terminal diagnosis) they have all sorts of issues – so I look at them and think how lucky I am that I can get out of bed and get on with  life. My diary  has multiple entries each day – not all cake eating by the way but there’s all the therapies and sporty activities I do..wp_20170220_001
Anyway, back to the workshop, when we stopped for lunch that day we went over to the church where the village deli and coffee shop are based.  What a great way to make use of a church building.  There I had a slice of chocolate cake with some old fashioned silver balls on top!

I met Ruth this week – we meet every year to celebrate our birthdays which both fall in December.  Our waitress at Darwin’s, Fenchurch Street was really bemused by this ”you mean one time in a year”.  We were very restrained and didn’t eat cake.  I was still thinking about the huge portion of pavlova I had at Marion’s the night before.  .

Jeremy and I waited 1.5 hours for Mr Cecil, the surgeon, who was delayed on a train and after 30 minutes of absorbing all his options (which I have added to the 2017 page), we went to the hospital’s Blue Café for something to eat.  wp_20170224_001-1They had set up for lunch so Jeremy had a colourful salad and I had a tasty cabbage soup (I’d have never made that choice once upon a time) followed by a celebratory slice of sticky toffee cake….The next day we did the first of the Wessex White Horse Walks – Uffington.  I was ready for a sit down but we still had about 2 miles to go! I’ve created a Walks page for the 9 Horse Walks under Wellbeing and Exercise.



I’ve also created a page a new Favourites page for my favourite Classic FM Music.


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