Week of 6 March

Good news. I’ve got my weight back to that of one year ago and on top of that I am no longer in the ‘overweight’ classification!  So all the exercise is paying off.  So I should ‘grab the bull by the horns’ (seems apt as I have made a marzipan bull for our Spanish themed sugarcraft competition display!)  and get on with losing some more to get rid of the muffin top!  The low GI diet is an easy one to follow and have been since last year (brown rice and bread, nuts, seeds, veg and fruit ).  I know now where to go for organic veg but an observation: they too look perfect in their bags – where are the knobbly organic veg and fruit?  Even at my farm shop the veg looks perfect.  Grow your own is probably the answer:)  I will say, there is little chance of me turning vegan – the options for plant protein does not give enough variation for my taste buds.  So the 80% plant based diet will stay at 80%!

Had two lovely days out this week:  A day out at the Portsmouth Dockyard to see the Mary Rose exhibition with Julia and an outing with Llinos to Kew Gardens.  It was a NADFAS trip to the Mary Rose museum where two talks were arranged.  A lot of work has gone into collecting the remains from the bottom of the sea – even pepper corns ; assessing the role on board of each skeleton found; preserving the items and then displaying them in the new museum.  Well worth a trip. Turning to cake – I can recommend the chocolate fudge brownies that I purchased at the Mary Rose café for us to eat on the coach going home.  It was probably a no-no so we scoffed them surreptitiously!  But the best I’ve ever had.  Unusually they had cut them into long finger shapes.

At Kew Gardens, we saw the metal structure called the Hive which was installed last year. The lights you see and the sounds you hear inside the Hive are triggered by bee activity in a real beehive at Kew.  After walking around the grounds and having fish pie for lunch in the Orangery, Llinos and I went to the Maids of Honour tea shoppe across the road from the Gardens.  There I had a hot Maid of Honour (apparently a secret recipe using curd cheese and loved by Henry VIII who, one day,  found Anne Boleyn and her ladies eating them hence their name). Llinos chose a very creamy cream slice from a super range of cakes. Honest it wasn’t me who chose that big cream slice:)

This week Margie and I went to the Tea Cosy; Mum was there in spirit only as she wanted to make sure Kevin the bathroom fitter completed her snag list on his last day.  We chose the chocolate box cake!  It was scrumptious! This is my favourite tea room!                                                  



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