Week of 20 March

Jeremy and I went to Paris this week.  I wanted to see the Mona Lisa. We joined the stampede to see her when the Louvre opened but when we went back to her room about 3 hours later – well you couldn’t get near her for a selfie!  It was pretty airless in there.  No wonder she is behind glass!  Everyone said to me ”she’s very small” so I was surprised how much bigger she was than I expected:)  We recovered with a café crème and a gander at some beautiful patisserie in the Louvre café. That day we walked through the Tuileries, up the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe and bussed it back to Saint Chappelle and Notre Dame. We spent another morning at the Musee D’Orsay to see their collection of Impressionist paintings and walked beside the Seine towards the Eiffel Tower and bussed it to Montmartre and back. We stayed at the fab Hotel Louison and had a upgrade to a Prestige room (ooh you say).  It was very classy.  We ate our way though all things considered French: croissants, bagettes, crepes, mussels, snails, onion soup, steak au poivre,  tarte tatin, and gateaux.  Speaking of which, we went up the Montparnasse Tower to the cafe with the best view in Paris and shared a delicate chocolate patisserie. It is said that the view from the top is the most beautiful in Paris, because it is the only place from which the tower cannot be seen!!

Mum and I went to a rather under supported Cancer Research coffee morning but ate some very nice salted caramel cake.  I bought a chocolate cake with white choc buttons on and took it to Jacky’s craft class later that day where we all scoffed some and tried to avoid crumbs getting on the lovely greeting cards we made. That’s Jeremy’s slice below……..

Off to Milan next week.


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