Week of 10 April

Happy Easter! This was a momentous week.  The hope and new beginnings we speak of at Easter seem to me to be a portent of good things to come. Mr Cecil would only have agreed to the laparoscopy if he felt that surgery was a possibility.  And that procedure now confirms it is.  So 2 days in hospital gives me a taste of what to expect when I have 2-3 weeks in hospital later on.  The food, when I was allowed to eat it, was good.  The little ensuite room very cosy and the staff lovely.  Lying in bed the view from the window was of the sky.  Did you notice how many crossing plane vapour trails there were on the 11th?  When we left the house at 6.15am there was a giant, billowy X in the sky which followed us to Basingstoke.  It didn’t disappear and I saw more that day out of my hospital window as I twiddled my thumbs.  Never noticed perfect crosses before; it felt like someone was sending their love….

After 2 days indoors I became stir crazy.  So on day 3, tanked up with paracetamol, Jeremy and I went to the Pineapple Palace for coffee and cake.  The parking there meant it is only a short distance for me to shuffle from the car to the café.  I was told I would be sore but hadn’t expected so much inflammation in the abdomen.  Dresses and skirts are the most comfy to wear and luckily I have some spongy shoes that when lumbering along absorb most of the jarring from hard ground.  Here’s me celebrating with Debbie’s carrot cake with lime topping which was delicious. Jeremy had a flapjack.

I have created 2 new pages: Favourite Food and Drink (very little is plant based, I add:) and Hypnotherapy under Wellbeing, Complementary Therapies.

Have you noticed I used the exclamation mark only once in this week’s post?  Jeremy said I should rein in the use of it. I’m using it too often he says.  So I’ve been re-training my muscle memory not to do ‘shift 1’!! Oops


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