My Decision

We saw Mr Cecil today for the results of the quarterly CT scan which shows that the cancer is stable – no growth.  Great News!  I told him that I have chosen not to have surgery.  I am feeling so well and 2 operations over a few months with around 6 months recovery will set me back big time – physically and mentally.  The laparoscopy gave me a taster of that. The operations won’t remove all the cancer cells and cure me though it is good to know there is still an opportunity for surgery in the future.  So we will review the situation in 3 months time after the next CT scan.  In the meantime I will continue with the complementary therapies and I will be telling you more once my oxygen concentrator and masticating juicer arrive……


4 thoughts on “My Decision

  1. That IS good news about no growth!

    There’s a program on BBC2 next week (17th) called A Time to Live – about people with the same positive attitude as you having been given a terminal diagnosis. Not sure if you’ll want to see it, but thought it’s worth you knowing about it. xx


  2. Great news tat there’s no growth, Louise… and I’m so glad you are feeling so well. As you say, you can have the operation at a later stage if you choose, and in the meantime, be able to enjoy all your adventures, outings and cake! X


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