Week of 2 October

Ciao!  The week started with a pampering session at The Pink Place where it was nice to meet familiar faces, hear good news, get my nails painted, have an Indian head massage and eat cake!  Jenny, the practitioner, said, ”it (the head massage) helps the body where it needs it”.  Umm, something else to research to see if it will help  Project All Clear!

The next day, Jeremy and I went off to Milan for a 4 night stay so I could show him the sights that Shirley and I had seen on earlier visits this year and new adventures.  We based ourselves at the ADI Doria Grand Hotel who kindly provided a complimentary bottle of prosecco which went down very well since I am celebrating reaching the 18 month milestone since being given 18-24 months to live.  Cin Cin!

Over 2 days we travelled by train, ferry and bus and explored Como, Cernobbio, Moltrasio, Torno, Bellagio, Menaggio and Lenno.  And had a goodo time!  The towns on Lake Como are all so different from each other.  The memorable Moltrasio was a ‘real’ town with one café, bar and shop and locals said ”buongiorno” when passing.  And we replied something similar.  Here’s our delicious apple tart from the shop. (This was the ‘cake’ highlight of the week! This was the only Italian ‘cake’ of the trip! )Whereas the beautiful Bellagio with lots of tourist shops, bars, cafes and popular with Americans feels very different and serves coffee at three times the price!

So to heighten our entertainment we decided to visit places that didn’t end with a letter ‘O’:  Brunate, Mottarone, Stresa and Arona.  ‘A’s’ and ‘E’s’ but not ”A&E”.  No, we had an accident free, (but not incident free – to be explained), visit up Mount Mottarone – two cable cars and a chair lift to the top some 4000 feet up.  No stumbles. No gashes.  No blood. Just brilliant views over Lake Maggiore and then….. gusts…..that closed the cable car and delayed our descent!  We were at the half-way station and by the time the one bus arrived to rescue us there were 3 cable car loads of people!   On a positive, we had a scenic drive through the villages on the slopes and back to the bottom.  You could say getting back to Stresa was a little stressy…We think Stresa has a French Riviera feel to it – huge hotels, attractive long promenade with lots of seats, lots of greenery and lots of tourists until around 6pm when it was noticeable that everyone had gone back to their burrows. We found a restaurant next to the sea and had it to ourselves.  It was blowing a gale!  Maybe why? Napkins dispensers, ashtrays, menus, chairs were flying and sliding in the wind.  But Jeremy and I sat it out and enjoyed our vino and fish dinner…   Cin Cin! We didn’t have time to visit Arona in the end. Shame.  Maybe we’ll stick to towns ending with the letter ‘O’ – less drama:)

On our last day we walked all round Milan and ascended the stone stairs (919 of them) to the terraces of Milan’s Duomo for fab views over the roof tops of Milan. And descended them too…If you are going to do it then buy your tickets on line as the ticket office queues are so long and arrive early to avoid the long security queue.

So farewell.  To the last foreign trip of the year before the second round of chemo commences…


Week of 25 September

Someone asked me, ”Do you pray?”.  Well, not for myself. I feel more comfortable with a random dialogue throughout the day thanking God and my Guardian Angel for this and that; the last parking space, good news or a lovely view, etc.  On a workshop earlier this year, they called it Gratitude Therapy (unbeknown to be I have been practising this for a long time). Research does show it boosts the immune system along with many other health benefits. On the workshop, another cancer patient really didn’t get it and said ”what have I got to be grateful for?”.  Errrr, for being able to get out of bed? For being invited to the workshop?. There’s always something… Anyway, there are people who do pray for me and I am very grateful for that.  In October, I will achieve the first Milestone; it will be 18 months ago that I was told I had 18 – 24 months to live!  Pass me the bubbly!

This week was the monthly Esseborne Ladies Lunch and 8 of us fitted perfectly around a table: Val, Norma, Helen, Sandra, Margaret, Carole and Elaine and myself.  The speaker, on women artists gave an interesting slant and the food was fab as usual but no macarons with the coffee.  What is going on? Carole asked the waitress who said, ”not today”. Well, actually it’s not been the last time nor the time before.  So to get my macaron fix I went to Paul’s this week while  out shopping.  Here is a lush pistachio macaron – a week’s worth of sugar I wonder!  The other Paul’s I frequent is one at the Green Park.  Which links nicely to my day out to Green Park and the Royal Academy exhibition on Matisse and afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons.  I met Fiona under the clock at Waterloo Station and we went off for a jolly time reviewing Matisse’s masterpieces along with the actual props he used in his artworks. We shuffled around the packed exhibition and I think because we saw the props it gave a different dynamic to other exhibitions we’d been to.  Did you know it is no longer PC to quote BC or AD and that one should use CE and BCE?  We are living in the Common Era and apparently according to Wiki this is not a fad, back in the 17th century it was known as the Vulgar Era….Anyway, here we are in Fortnum’s – there’s nothing vulgar about The Parlour – where we enjoyed scones and a large slice of cake…  I chose Victoria Sponge and Fiona the carrot cake. Delicious.  Unusually, there was almond (love almonds) in one of the layers.

Also this week, I had my four-weekly trip to Alan the hypnotherapist for a ‘top up’ and whilst there, I popped in Sefton’s Café in the stud.  I tiptoed up the wooden stairs adhering to the notice to be quiet only to find no one training in the ring and no one in the café. I chose  a triple decker Victoria sponge from under a dome – the others were all in a chiller unit and I recall last time the cake was quite solid – but this one had been chilled too; it was very tasty but, guess what, solid. What would Mary Berry say? So anyway, Alan and I concentrated on further visualisations to eliminate cancer from the abdomen area.  I do feel that working with one’s body, embracing the condition, taking responsibility for one’s own wellbeing is the way to go.  The next quarterly scan is due next month and Dr Jackson has opted to see the results of that  before the second round of chemo. He keeps asking ”how are you feeling?” and ”have you any physical symptoms?” ”I feel great and no I don’t”.   He said he’s normally prescribing treatments to relieve people of their physical symptoms.  I take this as a positive and that unusually the re-growth is slow. After the last chemo in December, he had said expect it to start growing again in 4-6 months…We’re now 9 months…

Marion, Janet, Judy and I went to see St Mary’s flower festival and it was beautifully decked out by many local people and organisations.  The Mayor and Mayoress were was there. Gosh they must get to eat a lot of cake during  their tenure! They were having refreshments with the vicar when we arrived.  I chose a piece of gluten free chocolate cake with a chocolate and banana filling.  I wonder if it was made with rice flour.  The sponge was very light.

I must add that I have been exercising this week as usual and I was pleased with myself for completing a demanding aqua aerobics session one morning  followed by a 7 mile Hackpen White Horse Walk with Jeremy in the afternoon.  Looking forward to doing the Pewsey White Horse Walk with Tina and Kelvin.  Another walk this week was a Wolf Walk with Liz at the Wolf Conservation Trust in Beenham.  We walked the local fields and footpaths with two wolves who enjoyed howling back to the others and then stayed for feeding time.  I understand where the phrase ‘to wolf it down’ comes from.  My goodness, they can crunch through chicken bones like we may chomp our way through crisps or mints….

We got our first Christmas card this week….

Week of 18 September

‘OMG! I’ve just locked myself out’, I thought as the door clicked shut.  Who do you call? A flower arranger!  Marion came to my rescue with a metal coathanger, flower arranging pliers and green sticky stuff from her car!  We ‘broke in’ rather too easily.  But at the Pineapple Palace I treated her to a slice of Debbie’s Eton Mess cake and we sat in the sun on the deck for a catchup.

So, the highlight of the week was a short trip with Shirley to Italy to see Verona.  It’s charming. We walked many of the narrow criss-crossing streets into the stunningly painted Cathedral and checked out the shops and Juliet’s balcony. Off the beaten track, we found a local café where we had coffee and cake.  I chose a volcano (right) with chocolate and pistaccio filling.  Exquisite! Shirley’s was a tart with an untranslatable filling…

Both EasyJet and Live Like a Local had recommended, the unassuming to look at, Terrazza Bar al Ponte (Ponte Pietra) where we had a delicious plate of local food and wine in their walled garden overlooking the bridge. As we sat under the umbrella, there was a hum of spoken Italian, chattering of sparrows and the  sound of the weir below us.  Perfection!  We doubt we would otherwise have stopped to go inside. We took up another EasyJet recommendation for supper – an Osteria off the beaten track also serving local food where I tried smoked horse… If I didn’t know, I’d have said it was venison.  You have to try these things…

I loved Shirley’s recommendation though – Amorino gelato. Five flavours of gelato layered to look like a flower with a macaron on the top. Heaven:) And there’s an outlet in London.

Milan was our base and we stayed at the ADI Doria Grand again; it’s very convenient for the central railway station. Another day trip was to Lake Como with the train to Varenna, then boat to Menaggio, a further boat to Belaggio and finally the catamaran to Como Town. There we got the train back to Milan.  Another fab day! We had blue skies, warm sunshine and plenty of stops with views for coffee, prosecco and aperol spritz! We tried a Trip Advisor recommendation for lunch in Menaggio and had the most delicious pizza.  It’s all in the ingredients and cooking. Supper that night was good old ravioli served at a table next to the water’s edge. What more could you ask for….

In Milan itself, we wandered new areas and streets we hadn’t been to on the last visit. It was the start of Fashion Week while we were there so we enjoyed people watching at our coffee stops. We oggled (without buying) the wonderful patisseries.  How do the Milenese stay so slim…Maybe they just oggle too…

We had a lovely time and the next visit Jeremy is coming with me  so I can show him around the places Shirley and I went to……

Week of 11 September

If you are a fan of the GBBO, then you may remember Christine Wallace from Didcot who was a Quarterfinalist from the first series.  She opened my first craft fair back in 2014.  Well she does ‘bake with me’ workshops from her kitchen.  So Sue (who lives round the corner from her) and I made macarons: a scrumptiously scrumptious salted caramel with a gooey caramel filling and a deliciously delicious raspberry with white chocolate ganache filling:)  Here’s Sue with the orange coloured salted caramel ones.  YUM! Sue managed to keep her apron immaculate unlike me.  I just get food colouring everywhere…


A top tip we learnt was to limit use of wooden spoons as they could harbour fatty deposits and are definitely no good for meringue making nor for stirring caramel ingredients; use a metal spoon for these. 

I did a second workshop this week: wired jewellery making.  It was a lovely couple of hours and I have mastered the art of using pliers to make round loops which are key to wired jewellery making. So I went away with some dangly earrings and a couple of bracelets.  Dead easy when you know how!

Jeremy, Mum and I popped into the Yew Tree garden centre and we had a coffee with a little star shaped shortbread biscuit.  A nice idea for a little something sweet to go with the coffee. Jeremy and I were back at Basingstoke Hospital this week and, in the Blue Café, I had a super chocolaty chocolate brownie before our meeting with Mr Cecil.  The Arc Centre was preparing for an auction that evening of all the painted bookbenches – part of the ‘Sitting with Jane’ idea celebrating Jane Austen – in aid of their cancer charity.

Mum and I had a coffee and shared (a term used loosely as I had the lion’s share) a slice of Victoria Sponge at Angelica’s.  It was a lovely golden colour and very moist with just the right balance of jam and buttercream filling.  It spurred us on to look at their range of carpets for her hall and stairs…

The cake highlight though was at my favourite place in Newbury: The Tea Cosy.  Here is my slice of the very decadent Chocolate Bar Cake. 

Thank you Penny. I’m sure it was my turn to pay.  The cake was constructed with Kit Kat bars decorating the top and bigger one propped up all round the sides of a fabulous chocolate sponge with caramel.  It was scrumptious!

There’s certainly nothing wrong with my energy levels, which shows my immune system is functioning perfectly well.  In addition to the above, I had yoga, tap dancing, 2 aqua aerobics classes, an aqua zumba class, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki this week! My current lifestyle is all about feeding and nurturing my immune system.  As soon as I start to get periods of tiredness, I’ll know that my immune system is struggling to cope with the growing cancer.  But on that note, mulling over Mr Cecil’s conversation (see last blog entry) Jeremy had asked him about the original tumour (Dr Jackson had reported it as being of ‘no worry’ and ‘it’s stable’).  Mr Cecil, who as a surgeon uses CT scans all the time, said in a long reply, that ‘the CT scan doesn’t give enough detail’ ….and in another sentence, ‘cancer can just disappear’….  Looking back, was he saying that the original tumour had shrunk/gone?  As a medic, he’s hardly likely to admit it as it means the complementary therapies have worked…  Interestingly, CT scans give enough detail that someone can be declared as ‘’all clear’’.  I’ll question it more when I have the next quarterly scan which is actually due in 4 weeks.

Must go and pack now for the next adventure…

Mr Cecil says….

So today we saw Mr Cecil the surgeon to better understand his comment, following my recent scan, to Dr Jackson: ‘as I am in such good health then more chemo would be best’.  It didn’t make sense to me and also it didn’t seem to fit with the last conversation we had with him in May.

We now understand Mr Cecil’s thinking about extending life and reducing the chance of new cancer growth. A second round of chemo now is, we agree, the better option.  The door is not closed to surgery but when the right ovary (which has grown 2cm since the January scan) becomes a really pesky pain, then surgery will be appropriate.  But of course by then it won’t be keyhole surgery!!

He also repeated that considering my situation (stage 4) very few people respond so well to chemo… Let’s hope my luck doesn’t run out in the second round…Bring it on!

Week of 4 September

Mamma Mia! I’ve had a ball this week and with all the food and drink feel like one! Jeremy and I went to Italy and stayed at The Hotel Vu D’Or situated 4 km up in the hills above Sorrento. We had a fab view from our balcony over Sorrento, the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. We had a really interesting and varied week with many cake and non-cake highlights. The reason for booking this tour were the guided tours – Pompeii and Herculaneum both destroyed by Mount Vesuvius when it erupted in AD79. I preferred the latter as there are complete buildings giving you a real flavour of life in Roman times although actually much remains from the earlier Greek period. The best finds are at the Naples Museum which was another fascinating guided tour and well worth it. Here’s Jeremy with his Caprese Chocolate Cake after our Pompeii and Naples excursion. Our hotel waiter was very amusing. ‘’You’re incredible’’ he’d say randomly to people. After choosing from the menu he’d say: ‘’very good choice’’ and then after Jeremy had chosen ‘’ahh, not so good choice’’!  Were we in Faulty Towers?

We did enjoy going to the Island of Capri and especially up the chair lift (I can say that now) from the town of Anacapri to see the fab views from Monte Solaro. It was day 4 and we had perfect weather that day. The day after our arrival we had torrential relentless rain; the first rain for 5 months so some tours didn’t even make it to Capri. The roads are very narrow on Capri yet the cars don’t seem as dented as in Sorrento. There are some fab open air stretch taxi’s with an awning on 4 posts to keep the sun off. Meanwhile, we travelled in the group mini buses. There were so many people in Capri town it was like the first day of the Oxford Street sales! I’m glad we didn’t go it alone we could still be waiting in a queue for a bus now! For dessert that night we had Riccota Cake. Looks like someone has stuck their fork in mine already…


Day 6 and the tour went to Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. We sat in the front seat of the coach enroute to Amalfi and the views of the coast line were stunning. The Italians take great risks when weaving in and out of cars and that’s not just the scooters. Our coach driver did a great job while we just watched the traffic coming at us with our eyes getting wider! Bignet for dessert tonight!! An overlarge profiterole stuffed with cream – overlarge and stuffed just like us by now!

We did get free time and one morning we walked from our hotel further up the hill to a sleepy village called St Agata and stopped for a coffee at The Smoking Cat café (you didn’t misread it) where the local men were playing cards. Here’s Jeremy checking his phrase book… In the bowl on the table they had served some amoretti biscuits and mini almond madeleines with our coffees. Not homemade as I later found these ‘Playtime Madeleines’ (for a kiddie lunchbox??) at the supermarket. We then walked all the way down the rather steep, winding and knee creaking footpath into Sorrento, rewarded ourselves with some fresh pasta but got the bus back up!

On our last night the chef went crazy and there were cakes galore at the gala buffet dinner! The very large cake is the Sorrento Lemon Cake which consisted of a very light sponge. But the best was the limoncello baba. Remember rum babas but with limoncello instead!!  Mamma Mia!


Well this week we did lots, saw lots and sampled lots: gelato, limoncello, bruschetta, limoncello, biscotti, limoncello – you get the picture! We had a great time!

Week of 28 August

Ever been to a tea room in a stud? I went for coffee and cake in the Sefton Tea Room prior to my appointment with Alan the hypnotherapist. I had a slice of Kay’s double decker coffee cake. She had covered the sides with coffee icing too and drizzled thin lines of chocolate all over. It looked lovely but she had kept it in the chiller cabinet so the sponge and filling was more solid than had it been displayed under a dome! I received meticulous service there. Must have thought I was an inspector! Not the first time that has happened. Then I spotted the sign on the way downstairs to the exit: ‘Please be quiet on the stairs. Horses training’. No wonder I had got a long hard stare from a rider from under his hat. I was wearing my clip clop leather soled shoes on the wooden stairs!

I see Alan the hypnotherapist once a month now for a ‘top up’ . Like the Heineken advert, he can reach parts (deep into the unconscious mind) that I can’t reach. This week, I also went to hear a talk about Future Life Progression from a hypnotherapist and found it very interesting and a little emotional. He did some exercises with the group and the techniques to relax us were the same as Alan but with a different planned outcome John asked our unconscious minds questions: ‘’what can you see?’’ I’ve update the hypnotherapy pages if you’re interested.

So the highlight this week was the summer clan gathering comprising 3 generations. It was a lovely day; we were able to spend it in the garden with a lovely BBQ and some games.  It’s been nice enough weather this week to sit out with a cuppa and listen to the birds twittering from the shrubs, bees humming in the Himalayan Honeysuckle along with the frenetic whining wasps.  Noticed what noisy flyers pigeons are?

Guess where I had this fab chocolate brownie? Recognise the plates yet? The Blue Café at Basingstoke hospital! The chef had added pistachio nuts – different.  Liked the chocolaty bits best!  I returned to see Dr Jackson who had discussed my case with the surgeon Mr Cecil. The result is that I am going to see Mr Cecil next month. If I don’t have surgery then Dr Jackson advises that the next round of chemo would be Irinotecan with fluorouracil and folinic acid!

Anyway I’m preparing for another adventure so I’ve more interesting things to think about right now!!

Week of 21 August

‘’C’mon Twerp!’’. Everyone at the Brixham bound bus stop turned to see who the term of endearment was aimed at. A tall grandfather figure walked passed us all with a dawdling small child. Both wearing green wellies and sucking on lollies!  I had been over on the Kingswear ferry to sunny Dartmouth for a mooch around as the town prepared for a regatta. Once back in Brixham, where I was staying with Gaynor for a couple of days, I went to Millie and Me café as recommended by Gaynor and had a Malteserlicious cake. And it was! I met up with Gaynor later after she had finished work and we went for the obligatory fish dinner when one is by the sea – at Rockfish. Very nice hake! Previously, I had been staying with Julia for a few days at her country retreat at Newton Ferras near Kingsbridge. Whilst there, Julia and I went across the estuary to see Noss Mayo (a village not a jacket filling…) and dined at The Ship. Very nice local scallops! After supper we walked along the headland there to look at the view out to sea but due to the rain we saw nothing but cloud. So we returned there another evening as the sun was setting and walked around the headland which can be seen from Julia’s and admired the view from every seat along the way. Another nice coastal walk was from South Milton Beach Café where we had lunch at a table with a view over the bay. Very nice local scallops here too!   We walked around the coast to Thurstone and found a Gastro-bus parked on the cliff top offering a really varied menu. Their seedy flapjack was probably the nicest flapjack ever! Another walk was an interesting one around the nooks and crannies of Newton Ferras and along the estuary where we enjoyed watching people messing around on the river., especially paddle boarders.On our return to Julia’s we rewarded ourselves with some of her beautifully iced homemade carrot cake!

Julia and I also had time for a trip to Plymouth and the Hoe where we saw the Beryl Cook exhibition, saw the Wave (remember the Tower of London poppies) and went up Smeaton’s tower (the lighthouse). That evening Julia, Hilary, Gaynor and I met at The Oyster Shack near Bigbury. Very nice crab soup! Very nice spider crab gratin! We said goodbye to Julia and that’s when I went with Gaynor to stay in Brixham for a couple of days. Gaynor and I saw Hilary again, after she had sailed the high seas of Torbay, for an aperitif and dinner at the Breakwater Bistro. Very nice turbot! In the morning, Gaynor and I did eat some cake when we shared a slice of raspberry ripple victoria sponge at a surprisingly empty Brixham Lido before heading off along the coast path to Berry Head (without paying as well…) Approaching Berry Head I remembered and phoned them. So we went onto St Mary’s Bay then back for lunch at the Guards Café on Berry Head. Very nice seafood chowder! Then, I popped in to settle the debt and apologise profusely. Oddly, no one else had sampled the pretty raspberry ripple cake. It had apparently been baked by ‘’a little old lady’’. I had visions of her transporting her cake in a trolley bag trolling gingerly down the steep footpath to the Lido with it….

It has been perfect weatherise this week to eat and drink outside. I have fond memories of Julia’s balcony looking out to sea over the fields and tree tops and of sitting in Gaynor’s garden overlooking Brixham harbour with the Sally Brass Band playing Abba’s Dancing Queen…..

Week of 14 August

You know, you have to deal with whatever s**t life throws at you – (see last post) – and just carry on. So today I went to a cartoon drawing workshop (2 kiddies and 8 big kids) where we started by drawing animals and then on to people. Then Simon did a cartoon of me! Haha


It was a lovely morning and I enjoyed a fiendishly, fudgey and filling fudge cake served by the Stockcross Village Shop. Then I went clothes shopping! Very therapeutic!

This week, Jeremy and I did a walk that took in the Wittenham Clumps, a spot favoured by artists. We walked through a lovely arboretum owned by the Earth Trust which had 50 species of trees and shrubs native to Oxfordshire. There was an upright apple tree with great red baubles for apples – it positively glowed from a distance. I felt like Eve in the Garden of Eden being propelled to this inviting tree and helping myself! They were delicious (Eat Apple. Be Happy!) It was a steep climb to the top of a Clump which we did together without stopping and well worth the view. Jeremy and I also went to the Hawk Conservancy this week. Their displays are excellent and there’s much to keep you amused all day.  Our favourites are the owls.  We chose a dry day fortunately as we knew the birds of prey would not want to soar very high in the rain….

On to cake highlights. I ate rocky road twice this week! Once at the flower arranging afternoon at St Georges. Here’s a picture of Mum and I with Ann and Fenisia.  It was a random conversation that Fenisia and I once had where we found out we had both lived in Raynes Park. Her dad and brother had hairdressing salons there and Mum and I went to her father’s salon. I was a small child and it was her Aunt Rosina who cut my hair – very, very short l add. What a small world! It was a fun afternoon and I gave my arrangement to Pat my reflexologist who I saw later in the day.

Then the second rocky road (and the tastiest) was at the café in the Willis Museum with Julia and Jenny. Yes , that is a rocking horse in the corner! We went on the Jane Austen trail around central Basingstoke in the sunshine finding some quite nice parts of Basingstoke we didn’t know….

I stopped at the Blue Café when at the hospital but it was nearly closing time and  the choice of cake was limited and I  chose a shortbread to nibble on whilst reading the newpaper headlines waiting for Jeremy to arrive.  Then we went onto see Dr Jackson after.

Also, I met up with Mum this week in Angelica’s.  I went straight from my aromatherapy session (it’s my third free one and I said to Anthea that I would continue with her sessions after the last freebe) so my skin was glistening and my hair greasy. I think I looked like I’d been caught in a rain storm!  There, my eyes fell in love with the Angel Sparkle cake…





Good and Bad News

So I saw Dr Jackson, Oncologist today for the results of the latest scan.  Whilst the original tumor is stable and there is no new cancer to report there is some bad news.  The cancer that had spread to the ovaries, although reduced during chemo, has started to grow.  I fortunately have no physical evidence of this – no abdominal pains for example. So I am to be referred back to Mr Cecil to discuss surgery to remove them.  So I will see Dr J again on 31 August to hear the surgeons view.

It’s a shame, but you have to ask what would the situation be had I not followed all the complementary therapies?  Would the bowel cancer even be stable? We’ll never know.

My next move is to continue with the:

  • Complementary therapies: daily oxygen and juicing therapies, aspirin a day, weekly reiki and reflexology and monthly hypnotherapy and aromatherapy
  • Supplements: boswellia serrata, Vitamins A, D3  , K complex, hemp oil and bromelain

My next move is to introduce the following:

  • Increase Vitamin D3 to 2 a day as suggested by Cancer Options
  • Increase the hemp oil to 2 tbsp a day to be taken with the Vitamin D3
  • Take 2-3 drops of Cannabis Oil 2-3 times a day (sold legally in Holland and Barret I add!!)
  • Drink Wheatgrass juice first thing each morning

How am I feeling?  You may think this odd but I feel blessed.  I actually have a lot to be grateful for….