This section details the complementary therapies I use, nutritional information and activities I take part in that are beneficial to ones mental and physical wellbeing.

I have linked, particularly changes to my supplements and some therapies, to the dates of the CT scans.  In my mind I can then link any changes seen in the scan to the supplements and therapies I am doing at the time.

CT Scan 2017 dates and summary of results:

  • 27 Jan – cancer still reducing (chemo finished 30 Dec)
  • 5 May – cancer stable
  • zz July – original tumour disappearing but where  to the right ovary, it has grown 2 cm since the Jan scan
  • 26 October – another 1 cm growth to the mass.  And the bowel area is ‘ thickening, like a pipe furring up’

Having had an appointment with a Nutritionist and subsequently received my report from Cancer Options in April 2017, I made major changes to my routine.  I started:

  • taking vitamins, A D and K plus Boswellia Serrata
  • oxygen and juicing therapies
  • hypnotherapy

In July 2017 I started taking:

  • a second dose of vitamin D with hemp oil
  • CBD oil (cannabis oil)
  • aromatherapy with frankincense oil
  • Wheatgrass

From October 2017:

  • My supplements became Vitamins, A D (double dose) and K plus Bromelain (web says not advisable with blood thinners and Dr J says ”I could be putting myself at risk”, i.e. blood not able to coagulate.  Patricia Peate at Cancer Options said go ahead, try it,  the blood thinners and Bromelain and if my gums start to bleed then stop the combination).
  • Continued with CBD oil
  • Swapped wheatgrass for chlorella
  • Still juicing, oxygen therapy, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology, yoga