This section details the complementary therapies I use, nutritional information and activities I take part in that are beneficial to ones mental and physical wellbeing.

I have linked, particularly changes to my supplements and some therapies, to the dates of the CT scans.  In my mind I can then link any changes seen in the scan to the supplements and therapies I am doing at the time.

CT scan 2017 dates and summary of results:

  • 27 Jan – cancer still reducing (chemo finished 30 Dec)
  • 5 May – cancer stable
  • zz July – original tumour disappearing but where spread, it is growing
  • 26 October –

Having had an appointment with a Nutritionist and subsequently received my report from Cancer Options in April 2017, I made major changes to my routine.  I started:

  • taking vitamins, A D and K plus Boswellia Serrata
  • oxygen and juicing therapies
  • hypnotherapy

In July 2017 I started taking:

  • a second dose of vitamin D with hemp oil
  • CBD oil (cannabis oil)
  • aromatherapy with frankincense oil
  • Wheatgrass