Exercise is good for you – we keep hearing it.  Why?  Because it increases our heart rate and increases the level of oxygen we take in which helps the health of our immune system.  The T cells within our white blood cells are the killer cells and a healthy immune system will help our bodies fight disease.

As we exercise so our bodies release serotonin – the happy hormone – and this too aids in keeping our immune system healthy.  There are many other situations where our bodies release serotonin – using positive speech; smiling and not frowning as well as laughter.

So I  should point out that with all the cake eating going on, I  do exercise too.  I eat a balanced low GI diet with lots of vegetables and fruit. Ideally, an 80% plant based diet. Our Ninja Professional machine helps with that by blitzing lots of veg and fruit into smoothies and soups. Our masticating juicer produces the veg juices for the juicing therapy.

We heard on The Treats Day event at the Pink Place in January 2017 that exercise is  important during (if you can manage it) and after chemo.  Whilst I didn’t go for long walks during chemo in 2016, I started again in 2017 after chemo.  My medication affected my skin and staying out in the sun wasn’t a good idea.  I also found that the short walks we did try I struggled to get up the inclines. The fuel tank was empty……

Macmillan sponsored a place for me on a Move More class at our local sports centre.  I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it during chemo as much as I did after I finished chemo.  I may not have been able to get the maximum from it either.  It involved using a range of weights set out at stations around the room and runs for 45 minutes weekly. Great fun!

So for exercise, I:

  • attended the Macmillan Move More classes during the first half of 2017
  • swim – they say it is good for the whole body!
  • attempt tap dancing -we laugh a lot and the music just makes you smile:)
  • enjoy aqua aerobics – it’s really fun and hopefully good for the bingo wings:)
  • do Kundalini yoga – it helps the mind, body and soul!
  • go for walks between 3-8 miles – we’re doing the 9 Wessex White Horse walks . They are detailed on the website below: