During 2016 and the beginning of 2017, I was studying Nutrition and Health with Newbury College and whilst researching for the assessments I was also looking at nutrition and cancer.  It led me to many sites with ideas for anti cancer foods and supplements.  Also, I researched successful anti cancer animal testing (yet to be tested on humans).  Frankly, I am happy to include any of these food types in my diet…….

The properties successfully tested on animals and their respective foods:

  • Epigallocatechin -3- gattate (EGCG) – green tea
  • Chlorophyll – Chlorella and Spirulina tables/powder supplement
  • Curcumin – soft gel supplements
  • Lypocene – watermelon; grapefruit; tomatoes; peppers; carrots; papayas; cranberries; apricots
  • Sulforaphane – all cruciferous vegetables
  • Quercetin – capers; red kidney beans; honey; watercress; kale; apples; citrus fruit; peppers; cranberries; dill; parsley; tea and coffee

In addition, these have been referred to as anti-cancer on other web sites:

Mushrooms; goji berries; pomegranate; beetroot; walnuts