What are the plant proteins?

Here is a list of plant proteins and, further down the page, details of the amount of protein certain foods contain.  As hard as I have tried, my taste buds and my jaws like to chew on animal protein so I include white meat, fish and eggs in my diet with lean red meat very occasionally.

So sources of plant based protein include :

Pulses:                         Nuts and seeds:

Kidney Beans             Almonds

Soy Beans                   Cashews

Pinto Beans                Peanuts

Lentils                          Seeds


Grains:                       Vegetables:

Quinoa                         Broccoli

Wheat                          Cucumbers

Oats                             Kale

Brown wild Rice.     Spinach

The amount of protein required varies on age, sex and activity level but generally you need 30-60 grams of protein (plant or animal) a day.

Animal proteins are complete proteins and have all the essential amino acids. Essential amino acids comprise 9 amino acids (from a total of 21) our body can’t synthesize and have to be obtained from food sources.

If you are thinking of going vegan then to get all the essential amino acids eat soya beans and soya products, quinoa, hemp seeds, tofu, miso and tempeh; they are  all complete proteins that have essential amino acids. Also, combining whole grains and legumes creates complete proteins or combining nuts and seeds with legumes or whole grains creates complete proteins.


The table below details how you can eat the correct quantity of plant based protein:

A medium portion of: Protein (g)
Sunflower seeds (1 tbsp) 3.2
Tahini (1 tsp) 3.5
Hummus (50g) 3.8
Peanut butter (20g) 4.5
Soya yoghurt (125g) 4.5
Soya milk (200ml) 6.2
Wholemeal bread (2 medium slices) 6.2
Heinz baked beans (135g) 6.3
Brown rice, boiled (100g) 6.7
Almonds (15 nuts) 6.9
Quinoa, cooked (180g) 7.9
Wholemeal spaghetti (180g) 8.5
Baked potato with skin (large 220g) 8.6
Mixed nuts (40g) 9.16
Red lentils, cooked (135g) 10.3
Chickpeas, cooked (135g) 11.3
Cauldron organic original tofu (100g) 12.6
Taifun smoked tofu with almonds and sesame deeds (100g) 18.8

Happy eating…….