Complementary Therapies

Before diagnosis, I already had reiki and reflexology sessions which I believe to be beneficial and after diagnosis then the focus at the sessions just changed.  Now I make use of all the following:


  • Visualisation exercises of the body healing itself (see Hypnotherapy page)
  • Meditation using a candle and thinking of only positive words
  • Access Consciousness (TM) mantra (see Access Consciousness page)
  • Breath of Ten exercise



Reiki with Pauline at The Blue Owl Cabin using angel and crystal energies to clear, straighten and heal the energy pathways. Here is Pauline’s Facebook page:

Kundalini Yoga or Meditation with Alison Strawford.  Here is her website:

Body is not all. Mind is not all. Spirit is not all. All three make the sense.” Yogi Bhajan 



Reflexology with Pat Runacres at The Atrium. Their website address is


Ad hoc:

Hypnotherapy with Alan Wise at his home.  His website is:

Diviner and Dowser Freddie Fredericks who used her healing skills to offer energy rebalancing and look into my geopathic stress levels.  She also gave me food allergies from hair samples.

Tel: 02392 384295