Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to put you into a trance like state where your body is deeply relaxed but your mind is active.

We all go into such states of mind naturally in daily life. For example, when we daydream or concentrate deeply on something.

A hypnotherapist can use various methods to help you into this state. They may speak to you slowly and soothingly. Or they may ask you to look at a fixed object in front of you or at the edge of your field of vision. You might feel heavy or light, but will remain relaxed and in control at all timeso.

No one is sure how hypnotherapy works. One theory is that your conscious mind switches off while you are relaxed. So the unconscious mind is open to suggestions. While you are in this state, your hypnotherapist will suggest things that might help you to change your behaviour in a positive way or to relieve physical symptoms.

Remember that even if you are hypnotised, you don’t have to take on the therapist’s suggestions. No one can hypnotise you if you don’t want them to.


I go to Alan Wise, initially every 2 weeks and after 2 months  the appointment became monthly –  www.journeyintothemind.co.uk

We follow the work of Simonton (a man ahead of his time popularising mind-body health).  We use his method of psychoneuroimmunology on the unconscious mind and use visualisation to:

  • change the chemistry of the cancer cells (i.e. colour) so that the immune system (T cells) can  identify them and destroy them
  • see a sculpture of a swirling, glistening double helix containing my disease free DNA
  • A new master RAS rocker switch in the control room of my body (I tested positive for RAS which is a protein unable to stop communicating to cells to divide)

I continue to use these visualisations especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night and hope that it is making a difference.


30 August 2017,  I attended a talk by John Gotelee, Newbury Hypnotherapy on Future Life Progression.  What does our future have in store and how we could change it now if we don’t like the look of it.  There were exercises.  We were made to relax and then were asked questions: ”what do you see?”.  So one exercise in a room of paintings I saw a painting of the sea crashing on the beach with my back view as I looked out into the distance.  There was nothing else in the picture. Then we were asked to look either side of this painting.  These could be our future and we could choose which we prefer.  I saw one side,  a copy of Edvard Munch’s The Scream and the other I saw a painting, maybe Millet, of happy people collecting hay to make a hayrick.  I chose the latter and my friend Carolyn helped me to decipher the message:  make hay while the sun shines.  I took this as a message to carry on with the bucket list and stay positive or I’ll be the person in The Scream…

Another exercise allowed us to meet our future self (in 1000 years) and get help and guidance. So after describing in detail a scene in the forest he asked us look round and who were we looking at?.  I saw an old monk hunched over a stick; he had a deep forehead and was dressed in grey robes with a grey hood.  This is my future self! Then John said our future self was telepathically going to communicate with our unconscious mind and at this point I felt my brain tingling (like in reflexology when the energy is moving around and the nerve endings are zinging)…..I found it quite emotional.  Probably as I didn’t understand what was going on internally.