Why a Blog?

A friend said, ” why not have a Facebook page?”   Well, this blog is primarily for me so that I will be able to look back, when times (and in particular my health) aren’t so good, on all the wonderful things I have done with family and friends!  But it will keep family and friends, who I don’t see so often, updated without having to ask the awkward question of  ” how are you?”.

I’ve always loved cake especially homemade and I think that socialising with family and friends around a table and putting the world to rights is great for the mind, body and soul.  (Although the added sugar and fat is not be so good for the body…..)

I will update the Blog each week with my cake eating highlights!  Of course all the other stuff goes on as usual: tap dancing, aqua aerobics, yoga, reiki, reflexology, Sugarcraft Guild, etc, etc…..

Also there is other information on this blog that I have learnt that may be of use to others.  So do share it if you think it will help someone.

So thanks to the Department for Continuing Education in Oxford who ran a  Get Blogging course on 21 January to get me started…..